Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yucaipa Music & Nightlife: August 31 - September 6

Here is the musical entertainment you can find in Yucaipa for August 31-September 6. If you know of any other events, feel free to leave a comment. You can find more information in the links at the the end of the post. For theater and family activities, see the Yucaipa entertainment calendar.

Note: all entries subject to change. Call to confirm the bands and cover price.

Friday, August 31
  • Praising in the Park: Christian rock from The Well, Yucaipa Community Park, 6pm-8pm. For more information see Bear Witness Ministries web site.
  • Yucaipa Street Fair (California St.): may or may not have entertainment, but worth checking out, 6pm-9pm
  • Hickory Ranch Steakhouse: karaoke
  • Eagles Aerie: karaoke by Dallas, 7pm
  • Shorter's Bar & Grill: Summit, 21+
  • Old Cedar Mill Stage @ Mystical Memories: The Real & Dove Band, 21+
  • Angel's Roadhouse: Music by DJ Damion "Come dance all night long to your favorite classic rock and top 40", 21+$
Saturday, September 1
  • Los Rios Rancho (Oak Glen): Hometown Jamboree with a hearty dinner and old time music with Riley's Mountaineers . Guests can bring along an instrument and jam with the band after the show. $6 kids (12 and under), $12 adults. Tickets must be reserved in advance. Buy tickets online.
  • Shorter's Bar & Grill: karaoke
  • Old Cedar Mill Stage @ Mystical Memories: The Real & Dove Band, 21+
  • Angel's Roadhouse: Contortion CD Release Party, with EMBOD, Cold Ethyl, and Burden of Guilt , 21+, $$
Sunday, September 2
  • Angel's Roadhouse: Live music 2pm-5pm.
  • Eagle's Aerie: Flat Out Country Band with steak or chicken dinner, 4:45 pm-7pm
Monday, September 3 (Labor Day)
  • Have a barbecue with your family!
Tuesday, September 4
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke
Wednesday, September 5
  • Angel's Roadhouse: call and ask!
  • Bailey's: karaoke
Thursday, September 6
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke
  • Shorter's Bar & Grill: karaoke
Where to find Yucaipa music and nightlife (MAP)
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weekly News Roundup: August 25 Edition

Yes, the news round-up is way late this week. It's just taken me a couple of days to recuperate from vacation. I miss the sea breezes and clear air already.

Anyway, here's the Yucaipa news for the week ending August 25:

City News

The August 27 City Council meeting is canceled, apparently a longstanding tradition for the last meeting scheduled in August.

Results from the California High School Exit Exam have been released. According to the San Bernardino County Sun, Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified students exceeded state averages in both in mathematics and English language portions.

Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified, which tested about 800 incoming juniors, had 81 percent pass the math portion and 80 percent passed the English language arts portion.

"We're very happy. This is the first time we've ever had higher passing in math than language arts," said Superintendent Sherry Kendrick. "It shows our teachers are working with students to be sure they're prepared for the test."

In addition to offering support classes to students who are not on track to pass the test, Yucaipa-Calimesa school officials closely monitor the students' progress.

Teachers are also working especially hard to help special-education students, who generally struggle to pass the exam.

"It's just a matter of targeting what is tested and making sure the students have practice and review," Kendrick said.

I hope the teachers aren't spending too much classroom time simply teaching the test. Students should be able to pass if they have been keeping up in their math and English classes.

The San Bernardino County Sun talked to Joseph Zoba, general manager of the Yucaipa Valley Water District about the heavy demand for water in the region. They use a special microfiltration system to purify the water piped from Northern California streams which requires less chemicals than traditional methods. In an interesting move, they are also requiring that new developments have dual piping systems - one for drinking water and one for recycled water for watering grass and other landscaping.

Zoba's district provides water to Yucaipa and Calimesa. The first development required to feature dual plumbing is SummerWind Ranch, a 3,683-home project planned for western Calimesa.

"We'll use that agreement as the template for all future development coming in," Zoba said.

That would mean Mesa Verde Estates, a 3,450-home project yet to be approved in Calimesa, and Heritage Oaks, a 45-home project that is on tap to be built in the northeastern part of the city, will also be required to use recycled water.

Zoba said as much as 60 percent of the water used at a house isn't for human consumption. Nonpotable water, continually recycled, could give homeowners a steady supply of water that would make it possible to water lawns even when droughts strike the East Valley.

It sounds like a fantastic idea to me. Having lived in Northern California during the drought in 1976-7, when many people replaced their front lawns with landscaping that doesn't require much watering, it doesn't make much sense to me that every house in my neighborhood has a purely decorative water-loving front lawn. Considering the arid climate here, using recycled water for landscaping is a no-brainer. I wish I had that option.

The News Mirror reports that several Public Works projects should be finished by the end of August:
  • Phase I (utility relocation) of the Oak Glen Road widening project has been completed, and Phase II (pavement and widening) is almost complete.
  • Phase I of the 7th Street Park rehabshould be complete, including meandering sidewalks, planting and new restroom facilty.
  • New and/or modified traffic signals at Wildwood Canyon Road & 5th St, Yucaipa Blvd and 4th St., Oak Glen Road and Calimesa Blvd., and County Line Road & 5th should be completed in September.
  • Work on the new Civic Center Park (in front of City Hall) is on schedule.
Other Yucaipa News Bits:
  • Yucaipan Bob Otto writes a column for the Fontana Herald about how cigarette butts are littering his neighborhood.
  • The News Mirror reports on the arrest of the third suspect in the murder of Mark Douglas Smith, whose body was found along Avenue E.
    The investigation is continuing and anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact Detective Rick Bessinger or Sergeant Tony De Cecio at 909-387-3589. Callers who wish to remain anonymous may call WETIP at 1-800-78-CRIME.

Yucaipans in the News

Local law enforcement agencies will be focusing on DUI enforcement over labor day weekend.
Virginia Gautier of Yucaipa, executive director of MADD in San Bernardino County, said she's been fighting for heftier penalties for drunken driving ever since she lost her brother in a DUI crash 30 years ago.

Her brother, Lorenzo Leon, was driving on the 10 Freeway in Loma Linda when another driver crossed into oncoming traffic and struck him head-on. The intoxicated driver was also killed.
Gautier's 18-year-old son was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Mentone in 1983. A witness followed the driver to his house, where he was arrested. Gautier said she later found out the driver who struck her son had been drinking and taking cocaine all day. The driver received a year in prison but only served three months, she said. "I wanted to know why the system let me down," she said.
The Press-Enterprise writes about the Avenue E front yard of Yucaipans Janice Ross and Bill Annis, which is an "ode to Oak Glen's apple-picking season." They remind her son and his Army colleagues - currently deployed with in Iraq - of home.

In an e-mail message shared by Ross, son Jesse "J.J." Jimenez wrote that photos of home and family help soldiers "forget about the environment we're in and give us a sense of feeling close to Home during certain seasons of the year."

Jimenez is due home in October.

The San Bernardino County Sun has a feature article on Yucaipa High School's Matt Davidson, who was in Venezuela playing on the USA Baseball Youth 16-and-under National Team.

Davidson also has been popular with the young people of Barquisimeto.

"He has the blond hair and blue eyes and everyone wants their picture taken with him," Glen Davidson said. "The boys are giving the kids baseballs and wristbands and autographs - it's like they're professional players."

USA defeated Brazil on Saturday to win Gold. Be sure to check out the USA Baseball Youth National Team official blog for a behind the scenes look at the tournament.

In other Yucaipa High School baseball-related news, senior Thunderbird pticher Scott Snodgress has made an oral commitment to attend Stanford University and Adam Miller has committed to Brigham Young University. Good luck to them both.

New York Magazine writes about a fastpitch softball team - the Gremlins - organized by a Staten Island cop with a dream. A dream that was crushed by the Yucaipa So-Cal Bombers.
Despite the top seeding in the world tournament two weeks ago, the Gremlins made it through only three rounds before running into the So Cal Bombers, a team from Yucaipa, California, armed with an Argentine pitching sensation named Lucas Mata. Mata struck out fourteen Gremlins in seven innings, and they were dropped to the losers’ bracket—from which they were then bounced in a nail-biting one-run loss to their old archrivals, Patsy’s.
The Bombers are sponsored (and owned) by Casa Trejo Mexican Restaurant (34636 County Line) and Casa Trejo Tortilla Factory in San Bernardino.

LA Daily News points out the great pick-your-own-fruit options in Oak Glen, with a focus on Snow-Line Orchards and Riley's Farm.
There's also a sense of history for both the farms and the people who visit them.

Snow-Line was established as a business in 1898, and the Hudson family, the fourth family to own it, has been running it for 28 years. They've seen more than a little change over that time.

"We've just seen (you-pick) become more popular," said Scott Hudson, one of the owners of Snow-Line Orchards. "We've had people who came up here as kids, then they come back as adults and bring their kids. It's a really good feeling."

Apple season is around the corner, and raspberries are pickable until the first frost.

The Highland Community News reports that Chino Hills resident Cheryl A. Marshall is the new vice president of instruction at Crafton Hills College.
“Coming from a huge college to a small college has been really nice,” she said. “Everyone has been very welcoming and very open. I look forward to getting to know everyone.”

Among Marshall's main goals is implementing the college's educational master plan, which is geared toward making CHC a premier community college for public safety and health services and for college transfer preparation.

“CHC is a very student-centered campus, which is a huge advantage,” she said. “Students who are considering coming to CHC should know that they're going to get an excellent education from people who care about them.”



Monday, August 27, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

If you are up late tonight, keep an eye on the moon - a total lunar eclipse begins at 2:52 am (you may be able to see some shadow before then) and will peak at 3:37 am. The NASA web site has all the details. From the NASA information:
Unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses are completely safe to watch. Protective filters are not necessary and neither is a telescope. A lunar eclipse can be observed with nothing more than the naked eye. However, a pair of binoculars will magnify the view and make the red coloration brighter and easier to see. A standard pair of 7x35 or 7x50 binoculars is sufficient.

During totality, the summer and fall constellations will be well placed for viewing. The Moon will be in southern Aquarius and crosses the descending node of its orbit during the eclipse. The great square of Pegasus will be to the west of the Moon while Taurus and Orion are rising to the east.

Although total eclipses of the Moon are of minor scientific value, they are remarkably beautiful events which do not require expensive equipment. They help to cultivate interest in science and astronomy in children and to provide a unique learning opportunity for families, students and teachers. To the nature lover and naturalist, the lunar eclipse can be appreciated and celebrated as an event which vividly illustrates our place among the planets in the solar system. The three dimensional reality of our universe comes alive in a graceful celestial ballet as the Moon swings through the Earth's shadow. Hope for clear skies, dress warmly and enjoy the show!

Tonight is forecast to be mostly clear, so it should be a lovely sight.



Thursday, August 23, 2007

On vacation!

I'm on vacation until Monday! Check back for new posts then!

Yucaipa Music & Nightlife: August 24-30

Here is the musical entertainment you can find in Yucaipa for August 24-30. If you know of any other events, feel free to leave a comment. You can find more information in the links at the the end of the post. For theater and family activities, see the Yucaipa entertainment calendar.

Note: all entries subject to change. Call to confirm the bands and cover price.

New Venue: The Old Cedar Mill Stage at Mystical Memories is starting to have live music on weekends (when no wedding parties are scheduled, anyway). Nothing this week, but keep an eye on their calendar!

Friday, August 24
  • Praising in the Park (Yucaipa Community Park): Christian rock from Yucaipa Methodist Church, 6pm-8pm. For more information see Bear Witness Ministries web site.
  • Yucaipa Street Fair (California St.): may or may not have entertainment, go have a look to see for yourself, 6pm-9pm
  • Hickory Ranch Steakhouse: karaoke
  • Angel's Roadhouse: Dimebag Darrell Salute Night with Drop 8, EO6, Resinfelt, Cold Ethyl, and in between bands "NOTHING but Pantera, Damage Plan and Dimebag Darryl [sic] music", $ 21+
Saturday, August 25
  • Shorter's Bar & Grill: karaoke
  • Angel's Roadhouse: Band in Black (Johnny Cash Tribute) and guests, $$ 21+
Sunday, August 26
  • Yucaipa Concerts in the Park (Yucaipa Community Park): Rockit Scientists (60s rock), 6:30-8:30pm, free, all ages, FINAL SHOW
Monday, August 27
  • nada, zero, zilch
Tuesday, August 28
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke "2 for Tuesday", with 2 tacos/$2 and domestic draft beer $2.
Wednesday, August 29
  • Angel's Roadhouse: call and ask!
  • Bailey's: karaoke
Thursday, August 30
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke
  • Shorter's Bar & Grill: karaoke
Where to find Yucaipa music and nightlife (MAP)
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Believe It Or Not, We've Got More Than Just American Food

Food blogger The Baltimore Snacker has been visiting the Inland Empire and happened to dine right here in Yucaipa on a couple of occasions:

He had a good Thai meal at Papaya Bay, which is on County Line near 3rd (map).
My jaw dropped when I walked in; the place is gorgeous, with all this beautiful woodwork and even a fancy table and chairs when you walk in, all ornate Thai woodworking.

The food was just as good, and as usual we ordered too much of it.
Read his whole review. Papaya Bay has gone to the top of our list of restaurants to try.

He also had a tasty meal at Tokyo Restaurant, which is behind Rite Aid in the Stater Bros. shopping center on Yucaipa Blvd (map). He went for one of the more unusual dishes:
But my favorite thing had to be their "Screaming Orgasm" (a name like that in conservative little Yucaipa could be scandalous enough). Simply put, it's albacore tuna sashimi piled on top of the radish "noodles" and greens that usually come with sashimi, and smothered in their "screaming orgasm" sauce - mayo and small fish eggs, with a little spiciness and some salmon-y color. I almost screamed, yes it was that tasty.
Now, husband and I get take out from Tokyo about once a month - I get the spicy chicken and he gets the kal bi and we share a sampling of nigiri sushi and rolls. Since the "Screaming Orgasm" isn't on their regular menu, it must be one of their specials. I wonder if I can get my husband to order it over the phone . . .

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weekly News Roundup: August 18 Edition

Yucaipa news for the week of August 12-18.

City News
  • The City Planning Commission met on August 15th (agenda pdf).
  • The Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting will be August 22 at 6:30 PM in the Community Center. The agenda has not yet been posted.
  • The City Council meeting scheduled for August 27, 2007 has been canceled.
The front page of this week's News Mirror was a story about residents of Carter St. who are trying to get the City Council to implement measures to deter speeders.
Nearly a dozen citizens, with many more attending for reinforcement and support, addressed the council, recounting their memories of [the July 6th] accident along with other tales of collisions with trees, property, parked cars and numerous experiences of close-calls of the residents themselves, all from drivers who use this road as a speedway. Each citizen demonstrated fears for themselves and their families, particularly those with children who live along Carter.

“It's a concern for all of us. We're fearful of allowing our children to play outside,” said Beth Morabito.

One of the major problems this particular street faces is that it is an approximate two mile stretch of downhill road that quickly changes from a rural to a residential area with nothing to slow down the speeding drivers.
Among the suggestions made to the council was a four-way stop at the corner of Carter and Fremont Streets, where there is currently a two-way stop. No changes to the street were promised, but Police Chief Bart Gray has said he will "make this area a high priority for patrol." I'll have more on the story later this week.

At the same meeting , Captain Gray presented his mid-year report for 2007. Here are the numbers:
  • reported crime was down 9% over the same period last year
  • one murder, the same as last year
  • 5 rapes, same as last year
  • 6 robberies, up from 4 in the same period of 2006; 128 burglaries (102 in 2006), 263 larceny (217 in 2006), and 62 grand theft auto (63 in 2006)
  • 14 cases of aggravated assault, way down from last year's 32; 100 cases of simple assault, well up from last year's 61
  • 2 cases of arson, same as in 2006
  • there has been a 19% decrease in the number of traffic collisions
  • 2,768 traffic citations
  • 117 DUI arrests
  • he said three areas required added attention: "Habitual offenders, juvenile crime and the safety of our school campuses and traffic."
You can read the full report in the August 13 City Council meeting agenda/minutes (pdf).

The Sun reports that the city council also decided to allow city staffers to arrange an agreement with Hoover Ranch to change from raised chicken cages to ground-level pens.
The way chicken coops are currently set up, manure can collect in piles and become a breeding ground for flies, McMains said. Letting the birds live on the ground could prevent their waste from accumulating in gobs, and chickens could control the fly population by munching on insect larvae. Hoover Ranch's plans had to go before the council because the ranch, near the crossing of Carter and Jefferson streets, is in a northeast Yucaipa residential zone, McMains said.
That should reduce the smell, but it's not clear how long it will take for the plan to be implemented.

Other Yucaipa News In Brief
  • A third man, Christopher Dean Dacosta (18) of Bermuda Dunes, has been arrested in the beating death of Mark Douglas Smith of Big Bear City. Smith's body was found on July 23rd along the dirt extension of Avenue E. Aaron Alan Dixon of Yucaipa was arrested on July 25 and Kelly Lucien McLeod of Yucaipa was arrested July 31.
  • According to the Sun, Michael Dwaine Elmore of Yucaipa was arrested this week for the suspected rape of a sleeping woman in December 2004. "The victim had been going to counseling and was finally able to confront what had happened."
  • The City Council has asked for a proposal to raise the monthly mobile home rental fee from $4 to $7.84, to be split be mobile home residents and park owners. The money would go to fund the Mobilehome Rent Stabilization Program.
  • The City Council approved a contract of up to $22,000 for the further study of the proposed Oak Hills Marketplace on Live Oak Canyon Rd, just off I-10. According to the Sun "Target Stores, which will pay the cost of the study, has requested that the report show the environmental effects of a new shopping center if Target trims five acres and 80,000 square feet of building space from its plans."
  • The Yucaipa High School Turf and Track Committee is looking for donations to ensure the new artificial turn field at Yucaipa High School is completed in time for the first home football game, scheduled for September 7. "Any donations or inquires can be made at the high school at 797-0106."

Yucaipans in the News

The News Mirror has a touching story of the Ortiz family. All three of teenaged Ortiz kids - Kira, 17, Thomas, 14, and Krisalynn, 12 - suffer from the rare and life-threatening disease, mitochondrial myopathy. The inherited condition is so rare that the family must often travel to Ohio to consult a doctor with expertise in the treatment. Despite hospitalizations and symptoms of their illness, all three kids sound like hard-working achievers.
  • Kira - who wasn't expected to live past the age of 7 - is entering her senior year at Yucaipa High and is working on a book. She has expressed interest in becoming a youth minister after graduation.
  • Thomas will be attending the YHS Ninth Grade campus. In May he received his heart's desire from the Kids Wish Network: his own French horn. He is planning to join the band this school year. He is interested in studying genetics.
  • Krisalynn is entering seventh grade at Park View this year. She is interested in zoology, and her wish to swim with dolphins was granted by the Kids Wish Network.
If you know a kid who might be in need of having a wish granted, contact the Kids Wish Network.

The News Mirror has an update on Yucaipa High School grad, Marine Lance Corporal Joshua D. Pico who is currently serving in Iraq.
From Iraq Pico says, “Ramadi was pretty bad when we got here but the people are making a turn around to make this city safer.” He helps contractors fix schools or build new ones, make soccer fields and repair power and water lines. “The big picture,” Pico says, “is that we are trying to make Iraq better.” Pico told the News Mirror that when his deployment and contract is done he is not sure whether he wants to re-enlist or not.
Pico is scheduled to arrive home on leave September 1st.

The Sun writes about 92-year-old painter Catherine Stone, who lives in an assisted living center in Yucaipa and is a member of the VisionQuest Center for Creativity.

Stone said painting has kept her creative and it might be her recipe for aging gracefully. "I think it kept me from being a little old lady," she said chuckling. "I try to keep my sense of humor. I try to do something useful every day and I have a lot of faith."

The News Mirror has picked up the story about Clifford E. Trafzer being named the Costo Chair in American Indian Affairs at UC Riverside. Trafzer is scheduled to speak at the Yucaipa Valley Historical Society on October 7.

The News Mirror reports on Yucaipa High School varsity pitcher Matt Davidson's experience at the trials for USA Baseball Youth National Team. Davidson was named to the team last Friday, and will compete in the World Youth Championships in Barquisimeto, Venezuela this coming week.

The Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District Board of Education presented three of the district's employees: Georgia Rankin for her work in Business Services, Fred Nelson in the maintenance department, and Tracy Doeden for her work in child nutrition at Yucaipa High School.



Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yucaipa Music & NIghtlife: August 17 - 23

Here is the musical entertainment you can find in Yucaipa for August 17-23. It looks like lots going on this Saturday in Oak Glen, with fun for the whole family.

If you know of any other events, feel free to leave a comment. You can find more information in the links at the the end of the post. For theater and other activities, see the Yucaipa entertainment calendar.

Note: all entries subject to change. Call to confirm the bands and cover price.

Friday, August 17
  • Praising in the Park: Christian rock from The Well, Yucaipa Community Park, 6pm-8pm. For more information see Bear Witness Ministries web site.
  • Yucaipa Street Fair (California St.): it sounds like they are still trying to get this going, so maybe there will be entertainment, and maybe not, 6pm-9pm
  • Hickory Ranch Steakhouse: karaoke
  • Eagles Aerie: karaoke by Dallas?
  • Angel's Roadhouse: Hazner, Handsome Devil, Idasis, 21+ $10
Saturday, August 18
  • Oaktree Village (Oak Glen): car show with live entertainment, 50s-style sock hop, western gun show, crafters, pony rides and more, 10am-4pm.
  • Parrish Pioneer Apple Ranch (Oak Glen): Western Days with live country music with Yodeling Merle, western gun fights and skits (noon, 1:30pm, 3pm), Johnny Appleseed giving away apple seeds and more, 10am-5pm
  • First annual Highland picnic of the Scottish Society of the Inland Empire at Yucaipa Regional Park: the public is invited to join members for food, music and highland games, 11:30-?. Call Lela at 528-8010 for more information.
  • Riley's Farm (Oak Glen): An Evening in the Colonies with Patrick Henry. History, 18th century games, and colonial dancing. Get details and order tickets.
  • Eagle's Aerie: fund raiser for City of Hope, $5 dinner, then from 7pm-10pm play "Outbid Your Karaoke Star"
  • American Legion Post 426: chicken and crabmeat enchilada dinner from 5pm-7pm, followed by dancing until closing
  • Shorter's Bar & Grill: karaoke
  • Angel's Roadhouse: call for information
Sunday, August 19
  • Parrish Pioneer Apple Ranch (Oak Glen): Western Days with live country music with Yodeling Merle, western gun fights and skits (noon, 1:30pm, 3pm), Johnny Appleseed giving away apple seeds and more, 10am-5pm
  • Miss Becky's Violin Studio Summer 2007 "In the Pink" Student Recital (reception following), 2:30 PM Yucaipa Assembly of God Church (12226 2nd Street). For more Information CALL (909) 790-1613. Free to Public!
  • Yucaipa Concerts in the Park: The Finians (Celtic), Yucaipa Community Park, 6:30-8:30pm
Monday, August 20
  • bupkis
Tuesday, August 21
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke "2 for Tuesday", with 2 tacos/$2 and domestic draft beer $2.
Wednesday, August 22
  • Angel's Roadhouse: call and ask!
  • Bailey's: karaoke
Thursday, August 23
  • Calimesa Concerts on the Green: The Sophisticats (50s & 60s oldies) Calimesa Country Club (1300 3rd St), 6:30-8:30pm
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke
  • Shorter's Bar & Grill: karaoke
Where to find Yucaipa music and nightlife (MAP)
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekly News Roundup: August 11 Edition

Here's the Yucaipa news from the last week.

City News

The next City Council meeting is August 13 at 6PM. Download the Agenda Packet (pdf).

On the front page of this week's News Mirror was a sad story about animal cruelty. Yucaipa resident Debbie Roth complained several times to San Bernardino Animal Care and Control Department that her North Bench neighbor, Robert Minerich, was neglecting the many animals (goats, cats, dogs, chickens, and more) on his property. Each time they came out to investigate, Minerich was able to convince them that he was caring for his animals. It wasn't until July 23, that Roth was able to convince an Officer to come out again to check on the suffering animals.
The animals were in dire straits and needed immediate attention. It was too late for one dog on the property that was found dead tethered to a tree with no access to food or water. Davison called Smith to the location, who in turn called the Police Department to the scene and began removing the animals.

The Police Department was able to gain access to the inside of the home where more animals were found in deplorable conditions. The animals were locked in a sweltering house without food or water, where floors were covered with feces and urine. In addition, investigators found that the water on the property had been shut off two days before so the automatic water supplies had no way of being used by animals.
Minerich's house has been red-tagged as uninhabitable and his animals are on on "legal hold" until the investigation is complete. I can't even begin to understand people who don't care for their pets.

In what I would consider related news, The San Bernardino County Sun reports that a new, centralized animal shelter serving the East Valley (including Yucaipa) has been proposed. It's not just that there would be space for more animals, according to Ken Childress, animal control director for the city of San Bernardino.

Childress says an added benefit of a new shelter is improved animal care. At existing shelters, sick animals are taken to private veterinarians. In-house veterinary services could be established if a new central shelter is built, Childress said.

"It would probably double our adoption rates because it guarantees people a healthy pet," Childress said. "The end result is reduced euthanasia. When you have a shelter full of sick animals, it drives down the marketability of adoption."

According to the Sun, San Bernardino County Supervisors are moving forward with a plan to repair potholes and seal cracks on Sand Canyon Road all the way to Crafton Avenue.
"This is a win-win situation for the residents, taxpayers, and drivers in the area because it will protect and prolong the pavement," said 3rd District Supervisor Dennis Hansberger in a prepared statement. "It will not only make the roads better and safer, but it will save valuable resources and time so the pavement lasts longer."
The Sun also reports that a number of schools in the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District have been spruced up over the summer.

Keep an eye out for the new flooring that were done in 46 classrooms at Canyon Middle School, Yucaipa Elementary School, Yucaipa High 9th-Grade Campus School, Ridgeview Elementary School, Park View Elementary School, Oak View Education Center and Valley Elementary School.

There has been exterior painting at Park View Middle School and Yucaipa High School, and new paving at Yucaipa HS and the 9th Grade Campus.

The Yucaipa Planning Commission met on August 1. Some of the bits from that meeting:
  • The new shopping center at I-10 and Live Oak Canyon Road being developed by Target will probably not have a movie theater.
    Associate City Planner Toomey told the commission that a cinema had backed out of the project, but other businesses have filled in the space. Toomey said while there were no specifics given, the decision may have been based on marketing and demographic decisions, including the expansion of the Kirkorian theater in Redlands and plans for a theater in Banning.
  • There were no objections for a proposed 4,900 square foot storage unit at the 31000 block of Dunlap Blvd at the existing Shoein' Shop.
  • A new office building on the southwest corner of Yucaipa Blvd. and 13th Street has been proposed.
    Magnolia, who also represented Jim Peterson and this project, which is to be built adjacent to Zabella's Mexican Restaurant, said, “The offices and retail stores would compliment the restaurant in structural esthetics and landscape.”
  • A new car wash has been proposed for Yucaipa Blvd. near 10th, between Del Taco and A&W.
    After adjournment Mr. Toomey was asked if consideration was made that a car wash was being planned merely a stones throw away from another car wash with similar amenities. He said, “We are getting two more car washes. Demographic studies show this city can use even more.”

    He further noted, “Each car wash is different from all the others in some way. Some people like doing the work while others don't want to get out of their car.”
    That sounds totally crazy to me, but I wash my own car.
Apparently two "gargantuan developments" have been proposed for the western side of Calimesa, near the northern border with Yucaipa (map).

Corona-based Fiesta Development is the company proposing Mesa Verde Estates, a 1,492-acre project designed to include 3,450 dwellings, 350,000 square feet of commercial space, more than 57 acres of parks and about 453 acres of natural open space.

They could begin construction on Mesa Verde Estates as early as September 2008.

Developers have already won the City Council's approval for tentative tract maps covering all 2,590 acres of SummerWind Ranch. Workers could start building models for the 3,683 homes planned for SummerWind Ranch in 2008, said Peter Johnson, senior project manager for SunCal Companies, the Irvine-based firm developing it. Besides homes, SummerWind's designs include 129 acres for commercial development, 130 acres for business parks, 645 acres of open space, 90 acres of parks and space for three schools. Johnson said developers are working with Forest City Enterprises, the same company that operates Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, to plan a new shopping center.

The Calimesa City Council will hold hearings in the coming weeks on the Mesa Verde Estates project.

Yucaipans in The News

The Press-Enterprise reports on the graduation of Class 67 of the Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic program at Crafton Hills College.
Fifteen students now hold certificates from an intense program that included about four months of classroom time, 200 hours of hospital rotations and 600 hours of interning with a fire department or an ambulance crew.
Check out the article for a photo of the graduating class.

Yucaipa's Michael Coronado graduated with a degree in biochemistry from UC Riverside in June and is entering the Molecular Toxicology and Environmental Medicine Ph.D. program at The Johns Hopkins University.
His experiences at UC Riverside led him to say, “I knew that conducting research was definitely a passion that I could keep for the rest of my life because the fulfillment attained from it is truly grand.”
Good luck to Michael!

I love the headline for this article in the News Mirror: "Ellen Marie Drummonds - Destined for something great". She's not quite Harry Potter, but Ellen is a smart, academically-successful 14-year-old. Like most 14-year-olds she is still deciding on her post-high-school path: first doctor, then lawyer, now a novelist a la J.K. Rowling. To that end she's been taking Brenda Hill Seaman's novel writing class at Yucaipa Community Center and writing poetry.
She has her sights set on college and plans to apply for scholarships to help pay her expenses. She'd love to go to Stanford or, to be closer to home, University of Redlands. Miss Drummonds seems to be headed for something special in the future; perhaps we'll all be reading her novels in a few years.
Ellen if you are reading this: keep reading widely and set your sights high! You'll be pleasantly surprised when you get to college and find yourself surrounded by others who love books and learning. Also, consider the University of California - UCR is close to home, and UCB (my alma mater) is naturally superior to that other northern California college.

The News Mirror also has a nice story about the return of a young man to the Yucaipa Teen Center at 12385 Seventh St. at the park.
As the conversation went on, Hester said he mentioned how much he enjoyed hanging out there and what a huge influence the Teen Center had on him. He recalled how positive the staff was and how they kept him on the right path to do the right thing and make the right decisions, especially when it came to dealing with peer pressure to do drugs and alcohol. The last thing he asked was, “Do you accept donations?” Hester and his staff said proudly, “Yes, we do.” The man was gone before they got his name.
The Center is for teens from sixth grade to high school seniors to come and hang out after school or on holidays or during the summer.

The Fostering a Brighter Future blog has an article about Trinity Youth Services that was founded in Yucaipa in 1966.
A single group home in rural Yucaipa forty years ago is now home to a residential treatment center for sixty-six foster youth. Students learn to deal with the anger that comes from being victims of abuse and neglect and learn how to create healthy relationships with peers and adults through Trinity’s proprietary treatment approach, Group Centered Leadership. Students also receive individual therapy and attend specialty groups that address treatment needs. Adjacent to the campus is a non-public school designed to meet the special education needs of the children in care, Wilson Creek Jr./Sr. High School.
Finally, searching via Google News always pulls up some unexpected articles. This week I found one in the Waxahachie Daily Light about the 2007 Youth National Baseball Team. Yucaipan right-handed pitcher Matt Davidson is one of six players from California named to the team.
Team USA will remain in Cary (North Carolina) for four days of training before departing for Barquisimeto, Venezuela to compete in the IBAF World Youth Championships August 17-26.
Go Team USA!

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yucaipa Music & Nightlife: August 10-16

Here is the musical entertainment you can find in Yucaipa for the week of August 10-16. It seems a bit quiet this week - if you know of any other events, feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail. You can find more information in the links at the the end of the post. For theater and family activities, see the Yucaipa entertainment calendar in the right sidebar.

Note: all entries subject to change. Call to confirm the bands and cover price.

Friday, August 10
  • Praising in the Park: Christian rock from New Heights Church Praise Team, Yucaipa Community Park, 6pm-8pm. For more information see Bear Witness Ministries web site.
  • Yucaipa Street Fair and Farmer's Market (California St.): last week the street fair was canceled due to lack of vendors, but the News-Mirror says it's really on this Friday, 6pm-9pm. The plan is to have entertainment, but it's not clear if there will be any this week or not.
  • Hickory Ranch Steakhouse: karaoke
  • Eagles Aerie: karaoke by Dallas?
  • Angel's Roadhouse: Local Band Spotlight with Barstow, Qwiksand, Troy Keyn Band, and special guests, $21+
Saturday, August 11
  • Riley's Farm: An Evening in the Colonies with Patrick Henry. History, 18th century games, and colonial dancing. Get details and order tickets.
  • Shorter's Bar & Grill: karaoke
  • Angel's Roadhouse: call for information
Sunday, August 12
  • Yucaipa Concerts in the Park: Paperback Writer (Beatles experience), Yucaipa Community Park, 6:30-8:30pm, free
Monday, August 13
  • great for a quiet evening at home
Tuesday, August 14
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke "2 for Tuesday", with 2 tacos/$2 and domestic draft beer $2.
Wednesday, August 15
  • Angel's Roadhouse: call and ask!
  • Bailey's: karaoke
Thursday, August 16
  • Calimesa Concerts on the Green: The Barbara Reed Group (pop, jazz, R&B), Calimesa Country Club (1300 3rd St), 6:30-8:30pm
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke
  • Shorter's Bar & Grill: karaoke
Where to find Yucaipa music and nightlife (MAP)
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Learn to Make Your Own Music!

I just wanted to take a moment to point you to one of this blog's sponsors:

Learning to play the violin is one way to ensure your days are never without music!

Her students will be giving a recital on August 19th at 2:30 PM at the Yucaipa First Assembly of God (12226 2nd St.).

For more information about private or group lessons, check out her web site.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Essence of Summer: Raspberry Picking

Having out-of-town family visiting is a great excuse to be a tourist at home. Honestly, we sometimes talk about driving up to Oak Glen, but somehow don't ever seem to get there. It's not like the 15 minute drive is too far, it's, well, it's probably a bit of laziness to be honest.

Anyway, last Friday my brother was in town, and he was enthusiastic about the idea of raspberry picking. So up we drove to Riley's Farm. The weather was lovely - and not too hot - and the raspberries were ripe. A great way to spend part of the afternoon and the reward is a delicious dessert. (Click for larger images.)

Photos courtesy of Brian.

The fields of zinnias were also in bloom, and I couldn't resist getting a bunch at a nickle a piece.
Even now, almost a week later, the flowers are only just starting to fade . . .

And Riley's isn't your only option: Snow-Line Orchards (and probably others) also have raspberry picking. I recommend it - go!

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Weekly News Roundup: August 4 Edition (2 weeks for the price of 1)

Here's a roundup of the highlights of the last two weeks of Yucaipa news. It seems like we have had more crime than usual over the past couple of weeks. It must be the full moon or something.

City News: Crime

On Monday, July 23, Mario Medina Perez of Downey fled the scene of a traffic collision on Interstate 10 near Wabash street (map) and was shot by off-duty sheriff's deputy when he pulled a handgun and fired at the officer. Perez was booked into jail after surgery for his wounds.

Also on July 23, a hiker found the body of 46-year-old Mark Douglas Smith in a ravine alongside the dirt extension of Avenue E in southeastern Yucaipa (map). Two Yucaipans have been arrested in the Big Bear Resident's murder. Smith, who had been released from jail on July 21, apparently fought with 18-year-old Aaron Alan Dixon at a party in the 34000 block of Avenue E. Dixon was arrested July 25, and a second suspect, Kelly Lucien McLeod, was arrested July 31. Reports:
27-year-old Isaiah Waldron of Redlands was arrested on suspicion of carjacking a taxi on July 27th. The cab driver drove a fare to an address in the 35000 block of Canyon View Drive in Yucaipa (map). When the driver exited the cab to retrieve his fare, Waldron came out of a home, began jumping on the car, then jumped in and began to drive away. The driver was caught on the front bumper and broke his foot as he was dragged by the car. Waldron turned himself in on July 30th.

City News: Development and Schools

The Yucaipa/Calimesa News Mirror asks "Are we bursting our small town seams?" Some people like having the amenities. Others, not so much.
Life-long resident Shannon Eckert has remained in the community because she has always appreciated the small town feel of Yucaipa. Eckert said, “I wanted to raise my two boys here because it is a small town and free from many of the problems larger cities face. I don't mind driving to Redlands or San Bernardino for services and then being able to return home to the safety and hometown feel of Yucaipa.”

She added, “I don't mind the stores or restaurants, it's the new housing tracts that are bringing in people and over-populating this small town.”
As a resident in one of the newer housing tracts I have mixed feelings too. Part of the appeal of living here is the the peace and quiet. However, I'd also like a greater selection of restaurants and shops - but not really big box stores with their football-field sized parking lots and ugly appearance. I'm happy enough to drive 20 minutes to Walmarts and Home Depot. According to the Yucaipa Community Development Director, there will be a maximum of 6,550 more units which will take 25 more years to build

The Press-Enterprise reports that the three housing developments near the Interstate 10 - Live Oak Canyon interchange (map) have local neighbors concerned about the proposed development on land owned by the Robinson family.

But he and other neighbors were shocked this month to learn of a proposal for 810 apartments across the street, part of a plan for 3,982 multi-family dwellings, 178 single-family houses and 137 acres of commercial development on the family's 522 acres. The projects are split between three sites, two south of Interstate 10 at the canyon mouth and one north of the freeway and east of Oak Glen Road.

"Even an idiot can see you shouldn't build apartments," Winkler said, gesturing at the view of the canyon.

Neighbors in Redlands and Yucaipa learned about the project after the Yucaipa planning division mailed a notice to landowners on July 3. The project is on the border between the two cities.

About 9% of the proposed multi-family units would be low-income housing. Not only would could the increase in population overwhelm local rural roads, it could require the building of up to three new schools. The proposed development would require amendment of the city's plan for the development in the area, which "envision 1,500 houses, open space and a pedestrian-oriented shopping area."

The Press-Enterprise reports that construction of the artificial turf field at Yucaipa High School is proceeding without state review.

The Yucaipa-Calimesa district's legal counsel doesn't believe the approval is necessary, he said. He cited a document from the state architect that reads: "For school site improvement projects that involve only grading, landscaping ... or other work that does not support structures or involve their utilities, the school board is not required to file an application for DSA approval."

The document Stevenson cited refers more to the Field Act, which addresses seismic safety, said Craig Rush, principal structural engineer and regional manager for the division of the state architect. He said he didn't know the specifics of the Yucaipa High project.

Not having approval could expose school board members to personal liability if problems occur later, Rush said.

The Press-Enterprise reports that the new Inland Leaders Charter School has "cash-flow concerns," which is one reason why the Yucaipa-Calimesa school district is planning to "keep a close eye on the school's finances."

[33-year-old director Mike Gordon] acknowledged that his age might lead some to question his ability.

"People would consider me young," said Gordon, who said he reveals his age only reluctantly, despite having spent a decade in education. "I have limited experience in administration compared to some."

Others aren't as worried about his age as they are his school's finances. Yucaipa-Calimesa Superintendent Sherry Kendrick said the district plans to monitor Inland Leaders' financial state, noting that most failed charter schools were sunk by money problems.

The district is also concerned with teachers' job security (as is the Yucaipa-Calimesa Educators Association) and the exodus of 100 or so students from the district schools.

The British supermarket giant Tesco (think Walmart) is planning to build a Fresh & Easy grocery (think Trader Joe's) here in Yucaipa on the Southwest corner of Oak Glen Rd & Yucaipa Blvd (map - next to the CVS?). They applied for a liquor license in February, which is still pending. The San Bernardino County Sun reports that Tesco may not live up to its promise to be employee and environmentally friendly.
"Tesco has been especially adept at marketing itself as a socially responsible corporation," said Robert Gottlieb, a professor of urban and environmental policy at Occidental College. "However, our examination of Tesco's policies shows that its track record has significant gaps between what it has promised and how it has achieved its current position as one of the top multinational operations."
The San Bernardino County Sun reports that development along Greenspot Road between Highland and Yucaipa (map) will be significantly reconfigured as housing developments are built in the area, hopefully making a wider, less curvy road that can allow cars to safely travel at 55mph.

The city's general plan calls for a new road to be built that will branch off from Greenspot near the Santa Ana River and cut southeast across a swath of land to connect with Highway 38 near Bryant Street in Yucaipa. But it is the developers who will determine the timeline on that project, officials said.

About 1,600 acres of land southeast of Greenspot Road between the Highland city limits and Yucaipa is prime land eyed for residential development.

"We expect it will be a fairly significant development, 2,000 to 2,500 houses out there. That's what we're expecting potentially," said John Jaquess, Highland's community development director, of the area he refers to as "Sunrise Ranch."

Yucaipa City Council

The Trails and Open Space Committee Meeting will take place on August 7th at City Hall. Read the agenda (pdf).

You can read the agenda packet from the July 23 City Council Meeting (pdf). The next meeting is scheduled for August 13.

According to the News Mirror, the City Council is still talking about adding a shade for concerts at Yucaipa Community Park. The Press-Enterprise also takes a look at the park in front of City Hall that's finally taking shape.

Yucaipans in the News

The News Mirror reports that the Yucaipa Dynasty 12 and under fast pitch softball team is the champion of the NSA Western World Series, held in Stockton.
“We have Coach Nina Lindenberg to thank for the outstanding hitting demonstrated,” said Winters.

Lindenberg was overheard saying, “These girls played better than most 18-Under teams that I have seen play
The San Bernardino County Sun profiles Yucaipan Cliff Trafzer who has just been named the Rupert Costo Endowed Chair in American Indian History and American Indian Affairs at UC Riverside.
For Trafzer, it's an honer to have been selected. UCR along with many schools around the nation and Canada competed to receive the Casto [sic] funds, and after many recommendations, Trafzer was selected.

"I'm honored and privileged to continue to work in American Indian studies here at UCR and the American Indian communities."
[. . .]
Trafzer said he works to instill in his students a deep appreciation of the American Indian history. Though Native American history is taught in early grade level schools, it is not as emphasized as the history of America's forefathers.

Trafzer's goals have not only been to teach or research the history of Native Americans, but to pass on the passion he has to his students so they can continue the tradition.
The San Bernardino County Sun reports that The Farm Artisan Foods in Redlands gets their heirloom tomatoes from Maria Elser of Elser's Country Farm in Yucaipa. It's all part of their effort to use fresh locally grown produce.

Reingrover said the market gets their tomatoes from Yucaipa, their oranges from the Foothill Groves in Redlands and their eggs from Yucaipa and Cherry Valley. "We periodically have all kinds of things coming in," he said.

Reingrover often goes to Market Night to seek out other local growers, knowing, quite simply, that local growers just offer a better product.

"It tastes better," he said.

Check out the Elser's Country Farm web site for some excellent-sounding fresh tomato recipes.

The San Bernardino County Sun profiles Powerhouse Gym owner (and former Mr. San Diego) Ian VanGuilder.
VanGuilder understands that not everyone can afford to pay high gym costs or hire a personal trainer, so he takes a personal interest in everyone who walks through his doors.
[. . .]
When he took over Powerhouse, VanGuilder decided he wanted to be a part of the community. He upgraded and installed the latest equipment and offered his facilities for charity fundraisers, which led to the event on Saturday.
The Finally, San Bernardino County Sun reports that 47-year-old Yucaipan Eva Woods, a West Valley Superior Court clerk, has been arrested for eliminating fines or dismissing traffic tickets for her ex-husband and boyfriend. Woods plead "not guilty" to the charges. The story was also reported in the Press-Enterprise and the Yucaipa/Calimesa News-Mirror.

Whew! I hope it's quiet in Yucaipa this week.

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