Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shop Local

So Christmas has almost arrived - have you finished your shopping yet? If you haven't, you could head out to Target or Barnes & Noble or one of the department stores down in Redlands or San Bernardino. Sure you'll find something there, but why not pick up something local? Something that is uniquely Yucaipa? And as a bonus you won't have to deal with traffic or parking.

A few suggestions:


Most people would welcome a gift of fine candy - I know I would - and Granlund's is the place to get it. Or perhaps a gift certificate that could be used for ice cream when the weather gets warmer.

Pie, pie, pie

As long as there isn't snow, it's a quick drive up to Oak Glen to buy a pie or other applacious goodies.

Phat Choppers Gear

If bikes are your giftees thing, she or he might like gear from Phat Choppers.

Handmade Jewelry or Art

It's too late to place an order to be shipped, but the handmade items created by Yucaipa's Etsy sellers might be available for direct purchase. I especially like bshaw's sterling sliver paisley pendent and this screen print by BlackDogInk.

There are lots of other options of course - gift certificates to local restarants; lessons, instruments, or sheet music from Yucaipa Music; or items from one of our other shops. Shop local and have a very merry Christmas!




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