Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Believe It Or Not, We've Got More Than Just American Food

Food blogger The Baltimore Snacker has been visiting the Inland Empire and happened to dine right here in Yucaipa on a couple of occasions:

He had a good Thai meal at Papaya Bay, which is on County Line near 3rd (map).
My jaw dropped when I walked in; the place is gorgeous, with all this beautiful woodwork and even a fancy table and chairs when you walk in, all ornate Thai woodworking.

The food was just as good, and as usual we ordered too much of it.
Read his whole review. Papaya Bay has gone to the top of our list of restaurants to try.

He also had a tasty meal at Tokyo Restaurant, which is behind Rite Aid in the Stater Bros. shopping center on Yucaipa Blvd (map). He went for one of the more unusual dishes:
But my favorite thing had to be their "Screaming Orgasm" (a name like that in conservative little Yucaipa could be scandalous enough). Simply put, it's albacore tuna sashimi piled on top of the radish "noodles" and greens that usually come with sashimi, and smothered in their "screaming orgasm" sauce - mayo and small fish eggs, with a little spiciness and some salmon-y color. I almost screamed, yes it was that tasty.
Now, husband and I get take out from Tokyo about once a month - I get the spicy chicken and he gets the kal bi and we share a sampling of nigiri sushi and rolls. Since the "Screaming Orgasm" isn't on their regular menu, it must be one of their specials. I wonder if I can get my husband to order it over the phone . . .

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