Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yucaipa Nightlife: April 27 - May 3

Here is the musical entertainment you can find in Yucaipa for April 27-May 3. If you know of any other events, feel free to leave a comment. You can find more information in the links at the the end of the post. For theater and family activities, see the Yucaipa entertainment calendar.

Note: all entries subject to change. Call to confirm the bands and cover price.

Friday, April 27
  • Angel's Roadhouse: In Bed By 9, with special guests Aliby and Trez Cruzes, 21+, cover
  • Iggy's Roadhouse: live music, no cover
  • Hickory Ranch Steakhouse: karaoke
Saturday, April 28
Sunday, April 29
  • nope, nuthin' that I know of
Monday, April 30
  • all quiet
Tuesday, May 1
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke "2 for Tuesday", with 2 tacos/$2 and domestic draft beer $2.
Wednesday, May 2
  • Angel's Roadhouse: open mic jam with BoXKutters
  • Bailey's: karaoke
Thursday, May 3
  • Crafton Hills College: Jazz concert
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke
  • Iggy's Roadhouse: karaoke

Where to find Yucaipa nightlife (MAP)
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekly News Roundup: April 21 Edition

City News

April 19,
Press Enterprise, "Yucaipa improvements highlight state-of-city update"

On Thursday, Mayor Dick Riddell presented the annual "state of the city" remarks at the Yucaipa Community Center. According to the mayor, Yucaipa is $35 million dollars in the black, about $25 million of which will be used to finance public works improvements and parks.

"The mayor said the city is in good shape financially and has enough surplus to front the more than $6.5 million needed to speed up the start of improvements this year at the Oak Glen-Live Oak interchange at I-10. The city will get reimbursed in 2010, when money is availablefrom the next increment of Measure I gas tax.

Riddell said he also expects the city's master plan, which will guide development along the freeway corridor, will be finished this summer or fall. He touted the environmental and architectural components thatwill be a showcase, "not just big box stores and parking lots.

Later this year, the Wildwood Canyon Road and Fifth Street intersection will get a traffic signal, and construction will start on a third city fire station at the intersection's southwest corner, Tooker said."

The Mayor also pointed out that the rate of residential development has also slowed down significantly.

It wasn't all serious business - the remarks were given in conjunction with a BBQ hosted by the Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce. A presentation on Yucaipa history was also given.

See also: April 20, San Bernardino Sun, "Mayor: Yucaipa in solid shape"

April 19, Yucaipa News Mirror, "'Celebrate Yucaipa' at Yucaipa City Council Monday"

Monday's Yucaipa City Council meeting will be a bit out of the ordinary. The meeting will open with the Yucaipa High School Thunderbird Band's rendition of the 1925 song "Yucaipa" by Lauren Hale. That will be followed by an hour presentation by the Yucaipa Valley Historical Society called "Celebrate Yucaipa", in celebration of the new book "Yucaipa" from Acadia Publishing (

"The authors of the book will be signing editions next week and will be
featured at book signings at the society's headquarters at Mousley
, 35308 Panorama Drive on May 5, at Barnes and Noble in Redlands
on May 12 at 2 p.m., all three days of the Yucaipa Iris Festival and at
Freedomfest celebration on July 4."

The agenda for the April 23 City Council meeting is now available for download (pdf).

April 16, San Bernardino Sun, "Yucaipa steps up on universal issue"

The Sun voices approval for the City Council's decision to support action on global warming.
"The national mayors' agreement won't directly affect city policy. But
signing it will allow Yucaipa officials to go on record in support of
efforts to reduce global warming, including legislation.

Whereas Yucaipa wisely declined in September 2004 to pass a measure
supporting federal and state constitutional amendments banning gay
marriage, considering it outside the bailiwick of city government,
global warming is a different matter.

The personal lifestyle choices that each one of us makes has some
bearing on the planetary picture of climate change, and Yucaipa should
be proud for taking the initiative to provide mature, responsible
direction on government policy."

April 16, Press-Enterprise, "Yucaipa High earns 'distinguished school' status from state"

On Monday Yucaipa High school became only the second San Bernardino County traditional high school to win California Distinguished School status since 2003.

Yucaipa High's 727 base score on the statewide Academic Performance Index in 2006 reversed a 17-point decline from 2004 to 2005. Schools score on a scale of 200 to 1,000.

Yucaipa-Calimesa board President Jim Oedekerk said the school's recognition was a welcome relief from the "drumbeat of negativity going through our district."

Calimesa Elementary was recognized as a distinguished school in 2006, Ridgeview Elementary in 2004 and both Park View Middle School and Yucaipa Junior High in 2001.

Related: Yucaipa-Calimesa Teachers Blog, "Congratulations YHS Teachers and Staff"

Other news bits:

April 20,
San Bernardino Sun, "Threat leads to an arrest"

A 16-year-old Yucaipa high special education school student was arrested Thursday on suspicion of threatening to kill a fellow student.

The verbal threats concerned the investigators enough that they did
check the young man's home to see if he had access to any weapons,"
said Cindy Beavers, spokeswoman for San Bernardino County Sheriff's
Department. "They determined that he did."

Two guns, which were registered to the suspect's parents, were taken
from the home, she said.

April 16, Redlands Daily Facts, "Wrongway driver causes fatal crash on Interstate 10"

Beau Cornish, of Parris is suspected of trying to break into a house on 12th street on Sunday. He fled in his Dodge Charger , eventually entering I-10 heading eastbound on the westbound side. Unfortunately he collided head-on with a Honda Civic at Ford St., killing driver passenger Steven Aveles of Upland (thanks to Ramona Aceves for the correction). Cornish was captured and transferred to Loma Linda Hospital.

Locals in the News

April 19,
San Bernardino Sun, "Korean Navy vet appreciates scrapbook find"

Korean War veteran Harold Terry stumbled on a posting by Tennesseen Helene Whitehurst looking for his old shipmate Jimmy Drymon. She had found a scrapbook full of pictures of Navy sailors and submarines with Drymon's name written in it. It turns out Drymon had died in 1974. Whitehurst instead sent the scrapbook to Terry.

"Her finding it and sending the book, it's unbelievable. Most people would throw them away, but she's a special person, she kept on and on and on until she finally had an answer and it was me."

Terry, who was discharged from the Navy in 1958 after having a heart attack under the water while performing a rescue, said he's hoping to find the rest of his shipmates and bring them together for a reunion. Meanwhile he'll continue to live in Yucaipa along with his wife, Del, and large family of five children and 12 grandchildren.

There was a more in-depth story about Terry in the April 19th issue of the News Mirror which I can't find online. It talks about Terry's service on the USS Nereus and USS Florikan during the Korean War, and how he found Yucaipa:
While in training he came to Yucaipa to visit some friends on a weekend. It was his first time seeing the beautiful community. He enlisted in the Navy on March 25, 1951, and left for the Orient in August. He couldn't get Yucaipa's rural setting out of his mind, so he visited again when he got back from Korea, China and Manila. While here, he was in Redlands one evening and he met Celia (Del) Munoz. They fell in love here and courted until Harold was sent to Maryland to attend hydraulic school to become a gunner's mate and deep-sea, hard-hat diver. After he graduated, he and Del were married. They've been together now for 54 years.
I love romantic stories like that!

April 19, Yucaipa News Mirror, "Two men walk away from airplane crash in Oak Glen"

On Tuesday Yucaipan student pilot Allan Ympa and his instructor, Brandon Niewenhuis, survived the crash of their Cessna 152 in Oak Glen.

"They walked from the crash site in the northern section of The Wildlands Conservancy preserve east of Oak Glen Road.

Ympa said, "The seat belt worked great, but the dashboard came up" to possibly break Ympa's nose reported Robert Little who was at the scene.Both pilots refused medical treatment."

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yucaipa Nightlife: April 20-26

Here is the musical entertainment you can find in Yucaipa for April 20-26. If you know of any other events, feel free to leave a comment. You can find more information in the links at the the end of the post. For theater and family activities, see the Yucaipa entertainment calendar.

Note: all entries subject to change. Call to confirm the bands and cover price.

Friday, April 20
  • Angel's Roadhouse: Pump (Aerosmith Tribute Band), singlefaze (click link for special promotion), doors open 7pm, 21+, $10
  • Iggy's Roadhouse: live music, call for details
  • Hickory Ranch: karaoke
Saturday, April 21
  • Set Free Church Car & Bike Show: Free admission, live entertainment, BBQ, kids' zone and more. See flier for details or to register your car/bike.
  • White Rabbit: Monty Martin, 7-9pm, all ages
  • Angel's Roadhouse: Dionysos welcome home show, with Flake, Fat Rhabit, Tatonka, End of the Age, 3 Sheets to the Wind, 21+, $5
  • Iggy's Roadhouse: karaoke
  • Hickory Ranch: karaoke
Sunday, April 22
  • nothing I know of
Monday, April 23
  • all quiet
Tuesday, April 24
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke "2 for Tuesday", with 2 tacos/$2 and domestic draft beer $2.
Wednesday, April 25
  • Angel's Roadhouse: open mic jam with BoXKutters
  • Bailey's: karaoke
Thursday, April 26
  • White Rabbit: Chris Thayer
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke
  • Iggy's Roadhouse: karaoke

Where to find Yucaipa nightlife (MAP)
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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weekly News Roundup: April 14 Edition

All the news that's fit to post!

City News

April 12, Yucaipa News Mirror, "District approves charter school"
April 11, San Bernardino Sun, "District says yes to its first charter school"
April 11, Press-Enterprise, "Yucaipa Charter School wins conditional approval" (with podcast)

The Yucaipa-Calimesa School District finally approved the Inland Leaders Charter School.
[Mike] Gordon, who will become the principal of the new charter school that will be housed at the Bryant Street Baptist Church, said the school will offer, “high quality California content instruction with a family centered focus.”

The kindergarten through sixth grade school will have a shorter school day to allow students to spend more time with their families. Even though the school day will be from 8:15 a.m. to 1:03 p.m., it will still have the same amount of instructional time for students in that traditional recesses and breaks will not be part of the school day.

And while many charter schools offer specialized programs such as aeronautics, as was the case for a charter recently approved in San Bernardino, and performing arts, ILCS's primary focus will be on leadership.
April 11, San Bernardino Sun, "Yucaipa confronts global warming"

At the last City Council meeting, council member Denise Hoyt gave a presentation on the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, which calls on local governments to "stem sprawl, plant trees and call on residents to conserve energy." The only council member who opposed a resolution in support was Tom Masner.
He said predictions of global warming-related disaster remind him of times when he attended school in the 1960s and listened to lessons on the dangers of a new ice age or nuclear winter, calamities that did not come to pass.
I'm sure that is a misrepresentation of Masner's comments, since you'd have to be really ignorant to discount global warming because there has not been a nuclear winter (since, duh, there hasn't been a nuclear war, at least that I'm aware of). Global warming is a real phenomenon, the only questions being how much of the change is human-caused and whether human intervention can actually stem the warming. The EPA has a comprehensive website with more information, including a site for kids. The latest IPCC report (pdf) was rather gloomy and that's after political machinations ended up toning down the conclusions. Only a fool would discount the real data that the climate is changing (more). Anyway, I don't see how planting more trees and trying to lower emissions would be such a terrible thing even if it doesn't have an effect on climate change. [end rant]

April 12, Yucaipa News Mirror, "New I-10 freeway lanes open - but no relief

The good news is that construction on the I-10 eastbound center lanes between Orange and Ford streets has been completed. The bad news is that now the right lane will be closed for construction of a sound wall, not due to be completed until spring 2008! As this week's editorial says:
Construction time could be shortened considerably if additional crews were assigned to the project. Once footings are in place, laying concrete blocks is a very regimented process. The more masons working on the project, the shorter the time to finish at the about the same costs. SANBAG should work with its contractor to get this extra help on the job. The freeway driving public would surely be much happier.
The News Mirror urges concerned locals to contact SANBAG, mayor and Yucaipa SANBAG representative Dick Riddell, and our other city council members.

Yucaipa Development
  • The draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Oak Hills Marketplace is available for "inspection by the public" at Yucaipa City Hall. The draft report is also available online for download. The Marketplace would be built at the former Christmas tree farm, just west of Live Oak Canyon Road (map). A review by the Yucaipa Planning Commission is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 6.
  • The Yucaipa Planning Commission has approved two developments on Yucaipa Blvd. The first is a 11,000 square foot commercial building on the north side of the boulevard near Seventh Street (map). It will be just west of current construction, which is planned to include a Chili's. The second development is just west of Wendy's (map), and will include Tarbell Realty, gourmet food store Tesco's Light and Breezy (sounds like a feminine hygiene product) and a third as yet unidentified tenant.
  • The City Council has upheld two planning commission land use decisions to appeal. Concerns were raised about traffic safety on Sixth Street where it borders the development at Sixth and Wildwood Canyon (map). Questions about a proposed 20-acre residential development at the corner of Carter St. and Norton Ave (map) were also raised, asking for clarification of the definition of the open space required to be set aside for the project. In both cases, the original planning commission decisions were upheld almost unanimously (Riddell was absent for the first vote, and Masner voted "no" on the second).
  • Work on Civic Center Park continues, with new contracts awarded for landscaping, including a pond and fountain, and construction of sidewalks, a bridge and benches.
  • The April 18 Planning Commission Meeting has been canceled. The next meeting is scheduled for May 2 at 6:30PM at Yucaipa City Hall. The agenda will eventually be posted here.
You can download the agenda and minutes (pdf) from the April 9, 2007 City Council Meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for April 28. Watch this page for the agenda.

Yucaipans in the News

April 12, San Bernardino Sun, "Celebrating a year of Inland theater"

The Inland Theatre League held its award ceremony in Riverside Wednesday night. Local winners include the following:

From the Heartland Players
Darah Catattini-Garcia as Rose Alvarez in Bye Bye Birdie
Dustin Ceithamer as Albert Peterson in Bye Bye Birdie

From the Yucaipa Little Theater
Geri Marzuez for Director of Cats
Sam Bell as Munkustrap in Cats
Adrian Rodarte as the Baker in Into the Woods
Amy Carrillo as the Baker's Wife in Into the Wood
Christine Presley for Director of Into the Woods
Heartland players is currently performing Sincerely Yours, an original play by Didi Pelev, through April 22. Yucaipa Little Theatre is currently performing A Little Princess, also through April 22.

April 8, Press-Enterprise, "Yucaipa woman has artistic air about her"

The Press-Enterprise profiles 22 year old Yucaipan Juell Villarreal, who works as "The Air Brush Girl" painting vans, motorcycles and cars. She also takes private commissions painting bedrooms, T-shirts and probably anything else you could think of. Check out her work.

April 12, San Bernardino Sun, "Crafton Hills College recognized for serving the community"

Crafton Hills College has been showered with accolades on its 35th anniversary. Jerry Lewis entered a special recognition in the February 14th edition of the Congressional Record, and the cities of Redlands, Yucaipa, Highland and San Bernardino have presented the school with resolutions in special recognition.
Some of Crafton's specialized programs, such as the fire technology program, the respiratory care program and the emergency medical services-paramedic program, are among the top programs in the state and are attended by students from all over California, [CHC president Gloria] Harrison said.

Crafton, Harrison said, is a good place for students to start preparing for their college education, especially for those who might not speak English or those who have some difficulties.

"We can help them, prepare them and give them the skills needed for college level work," she said.

Crafton offers 36 different associate degrees and 27 occupational certificate programs. Registration for the summer session begins April 30.

In other Crafton news, last night the Crafton Hills College police had a very cute baby owl as an overnight guest (photos).

In the category of "I wish these guys weren't associated with my town" are the Yucaipa branch of the White Legion Knights of the Ku Klux Klan who have showed up at Minuteman anti-illegal immigration protests. I'm not sure what their plan is, since their arrival caused the Minutemen to head home.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yucaipa Nightlife: April 13-19

Here is the musical entertainment you can find in Yucaipa for April 13-19. If you know of any other events, feel free to leave a comment. You can find more information in the links at the the end of the post. For theater and family activities, see the Yucaipa entertainment calendar.

Note: all entries subject to change. Call to confirm the bands and cover price.

Friday, April 13
  • Iggy's Roadhouse: Hit Men, no cover
  • Angel's Roadhouse: Wildcard, 21+, $7
  • Hickory Ranch Steakhouse: karaoke
Saturday, April 14
Sunday, April 15
  • nothing that I know of - let me know what I'm missing!
Monday, April 16
  • nothing
Tuesday, April 17
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke "2 for Tuesday", with 2 tacos/$2 and domestic draft beer $2.
Wednesday, April 18
  • Angel's Roadhouse: open mic jam with BoXKutters
  • Bailey's: karaoke
Thursday, April 19
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke
  • Iggy's Roadhouse: karaoke
Where to find Yucaipa nightlife (MAP)
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weekly News Roundup: April 7 Edition

Not much news this week!

City News

April 1, San Bernardino Sun, "Various charter schools set sights on S. B. County"
An overview of several new charter schools proposed for San Bernardino County, including the Inland Leaders Charter School in the Yucaipa-Calimesa Unified School District.
"One of the big things with charters is just a freedom of choice for parents," said Mike Gordon, an assistant principal at two Yucaipa elementary schools and the hopeful founder of Inland Leaders.
April 5, Yucaipa News Mirror, "School district receives grant from state"
The state of California has granted the Yucaipa-Calimesa School District $225,000 of Prop. 49 (pdf) money for before and after school programs.
“As our lifestyles become increasingly busy, parents need a helping hand with their children, and children need a safe haven during non-school hours where they can be productive,” said O'Connell.
  • The Agenda packet for the April 9 City Council meeting is now available (pdf).
  • Saturday, April 14 is Clean-Up Day. Take your excess trash and bulky items to the corner of California and Avenue G (8am-noon) or to the San Timoteo Landfill (8am-5pm) for FREE dumping.

Yucaipans in the News

April 5, Yucaipa News Mirror, Emmerson honors Yucaipa Women of Distinction

On March 29, 63rd District Assemblyman Bill Emmerson honored local several women in his district, including four Yucaipans:
  • Jill Harris: motivational speaker, senior sales director with Mary Kay and former president of the Yucaipa Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Denise Work: former member of the Yucaipa Planning Commission and the Yucaipa Architectural Review Committee and current president of the Arrowhead Women's Golf Association.

  • Nancy Cisneros: former field representative for Senator Bill Leonard, and current regional representative of the League of California Cities Inland Empire and Desert Mountain Divisions.
  • Donna Ferracone: dean of Career and Technical Education at Crafton Hills College, member of the board of directors of Public Service Academy Charter Schools and more.
“Each of these women being honored have proven to be assets to their city and are worthy of recognition by the California State Assembly for their efforts in creating better communities. It's my distinct honor to invite residents of Yucaipa to celebrate the accomplishments of these truly outstanding women,” said Emmerson.
Related: Redlands Daily Facts, Emmerson honors 63, including six from Redlands

April 5, Press-Enterprise, "Young Redlands actors perform for state legislators"

Yucaipa resident Jerell Powell was one of two Redlands East Valley High School seniors to perform at the Sacramento Theatre Company for state legislators and other staff. Powell, who won the school's Best Character Actor award performed a monologue from Charles Fuller's "A Soldier's Play."

April 1, San Bernardino Sun, "Presence of Klan ends rally"

The Minuteman Project called off their rally in Rancho Cucamonga last Saturday morning when the Ku Klux Klan showed up. What's the local relevance?
One man identified himself as a member of the White Legion Knights of the Ku Klux Klan from Yucaipa.
I hope is one of a vast minority here in town.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Events

Here's a brief round-up of Easter-related events here in Yucaipa that advertised in this week's paper (which makes me assume they are open to the public). See the list of Yucaipa and Calimesa church links to find a house of worship in your denomination.

Saturday, April 7

Easter Sunday, April 8

6:00 AM:

6:15 AM:
6:30 AM:
7:30 AM

8:15 AM:
  • Faith Lutheran Church Easter service with communion, across from Post Office. Followed by 9:30AM Easter Breakfast & Egg Hunt.

8:30 AM:
9:30 AM:
10:00 AM:
10:30 AM:
10:45 AM:
  • Faith Lutheran Church Easter service with communion., across from Post Office. Follows the 9:30AM Easter Breakfast & Egg Hunt.
11:00 AM:
2:00 PM:
  • Set Free Church's Easter Eggstravaganza at 7th Street Park. Free Easter baskets, an egg hunt, games and Easter Dinner. Fun for the whole family.
7:30 PM:

Restaurant Specials (from the Yucaipa News Mirror)

Kopper Kettle Kafe & Katering Co. (34848 Yucaipa Blvd): Easter Sunday Breakfast Buffet, 8AM-2PM. Includes crepes, quiche, ham, eggs and more. 797-2932.

Paradise "Family" restaurant (in Rite-Aid/Stater Bros. Plaza): serving traditional family favorites - prime rib, pork chops, ham, lamb, chicken, turkey, white fish, New York steak and more. 6AM-8PM

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yucaipa Nightlife: April 6-12

Here is the musical entertainment you can find in Yucaipa for April 6-12. If you know of any other events, feel free to leave a comment. You can find more information in the links at the the end of the post. For theater and family activities, see the Yucaipa entertainment calendar.

Note: all entries subject to change. Call to confirm the bands and cover price.

Friday, April 6
  • Past Pleasures Car Club Family Classic Car Cruise and Show, 5pm-8pm at the Yucaipa Valley Center. All pre-80s vehicles welcome, with contests, raffle and oldies music by Double Eagle D.J. (Mr. Rip).
  • Angel's Roadhouse: Jeff Marklein, and others. $7, 21+
  • Iggy's Roadhouse: live band, call for details
  • Hickory Ranch Steakhouse: karaoke
Saturday, April 7

Sunday, April 8 - Easter
  • Church, ham and dyed eggs.
Monday, April 9
  • all quiet
Tuesday, April 10 - Final Day of Passover
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke "2 for Tuesday", with 2 tacos/$2 and domestic draft beer $2.
Wednesday, April 11
  • Angel's Roadhouse: open mic jam hosted by BoXKutters, no cover
  • Bailey's: karaoke
Thursday, April 12
  • Angel's Roadhouse: Karaoke Thursday, $2 domestic draft beers
  • Iggy's Roadhouse: karaoke

Where to find Yucaipa nightlife (MAP)
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Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekly News Roundup: March 31 Edition

Better late than never!

City News

March 29, News Mirror, "Yucaipa to maintain Hillside Ordinance"

The City Council has voted to keep the city's Hillside Ordinance. A suggestion to increase the slope threshold at which the ordinance kicks in to 15% from 10% was shot down.
[Mayor Pro Tem] Drusys noted the ordinance has worked well and the only thing to look at are issues surrounding drainage ditches.

He also said he would not support any change in the 10 percent threshold and told McMains, “If you want to allow people to maximize their development potential that's fine. I won't support it.”

Three other council members, Riddell, Denise Hoyt and Bob Lampi agreed with Drusys that the 10 percent threshold should not be increased.

However, Council Member Tom Masner said he supported a threshold of at least 15 percent, if not higher, saying the ordinance was only meant to be applied to the Crafton Hills and hills in the eastern portion of the city, not the relatively flat interior portions of the city.
Masner argued it was unfair to take profits away from developers and "worried that creation of open spaces behind homes had the potential to increase crime" (Do most homeowners wish they had neighbors closely abutting their back yards so that there would always be someone to keep an eye on things? I suspect not.). A revised Ordinance that incorporates some exemptions will be reviewed in 30 days.

You can read the whole March 26 City Council meeting agenda and minutes (pdf).

March 29, News Mirror, "Crime rate in Yucaipa remains stable"

In 2006 aggravated assaults rose by 41% to 65, car thefts dropped by 27% to 133, and the total number of "Part I" crimes (homicide (4), rape (8), robbery (15), assaults (188), burglary (188) and theft) dropped 6%. However, the number of "Part II" crimes (vandalism, petty theft, drunk in public, possession of stolen property and similar crimes) rose 16%. If you factor in the population increase, the per capita rate only rose about 1%. Traffic citations and accidents are up significantly. Overall, however, it's heartening that the serious Part I crimes are not keeping pace with the population.

March 25, Press-Enterprise, "Dry weather had farmers worried about profits" (with podcast)

Inland Empire farmers are worried that record low rainfall will mean a loss of crops and profits.
In Oak Glen, that means watering two months earlier than normal. Avocado and grape growers in the Temecula area are watering more often and concerned the fall grape harvest may be lighter than normal. Wheat farmers throughout Riverside County, who rely strictly on rainfall and don't irrigate, are predicting losses up to $1 million.
The lack of rainfall compounds the fact that this is a drier non-El Niño year. Unless we have uncharacteristically high rain fall in April and May, this is very bad news.

Yucaipans in the News

March 30, San Bernardino Sun, "Yucaipa student wins home economics competition"

Yucaipa High School student Annette Alcala qualified for the state FHA-HERO (Home Economic Related Occupations) competition by sewing a skirt within 90 minutes at a recent contest at Eisenhower High.
Currently, there are 15 students enrolled in the FHA-HERO at Yucaipa High. The students meet every other week and decide what project to work on.

There are more than 20 categories within the FHA-HERO. A few of the categories are fashion design, interior design, child development, prepared speech, and job application interview.

Once a year, the students compete on the region level and those who are qualified will go on to compete in the state competition that is held in Fresno. This year, the event will take place April 28 through May 1, Farris said.
This year, another Yucaipa High FHA-HERO student, Carly Olsen, was elected as Region 10 secretary.

March 30, San Bernardino Sun, "Yucaipa teen gets his long-awaited wish granted

17-year-old Travis Sherman has been living with leukemia for three years. Last week, the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Orange County and the Inland Empire granted his wish by giving him a restored '67 Chevy Chevelle.
"Well, I think it's a great organization and he's happy about getting the car and the Southern California Chevelle Camino Club made him a lifetime member and they did a lot of calling around to get different sponsors to donate parts for the car," said Travis' mother, Vickie. "For people to take on something like this and they've never even met him, I think they really done a good job and we appreciate everything they've done and the Make-a-Wish Foundation."
For more details (and photo), see the News Mirror article, "Dreams do come true, ask Travis"

March 31, Press-Enterprise, "Yucaipa man in lawsuit over Wells Fargo fees(with podcast)
A Yucaipa college student could become the point man in a national class-action lawsuit after stumbling into what his attorney calls a "hidden profit center" in 2002 when he applied for a Wells Fargo credit card, according to a federal lawsuit filed last year.
Former Crafton Hills College student Joshua Endres signed up for a Wells Fargo "College Visa Credit Card account" with overdraft protection and connected checking account little knowing that the bank collected $10 a day for being so much as a penny overdrawn. Endres is represented by Redlands firm Welebir & McCune in a class-action lawsuit against Wells Fargo.

The blog Overlawyered, is totally unsympathetic (and has some legal concerns).

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