Thursday, June 05, 2008

Election Results

Well, the results of Tuesday's election are in:

  • Turnout was pretty bad - only 16.5% of the registered voters in San Bernardino County bothered to submit a ballot
  • San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors 3rd District: challenger Neil Derry beat incumbent Dennis Hansberger by winning 52% of the vote
  • Proposition 98: No (61%)
  • Proposition 99: Yes (63%)
  • 41st Congressional District:
    Democratic Primary: Tim Price (33%)
    Republican Primary: incumbent Jerry Lewis (83%)
  • State Senator District 31:
    Democratic Primary: Ameenah Fuller (100%)
    Republican Primary: incumbent Bob Dutton (100%)
  • State Assembly District 63
    Democratic Primary: Mark David Westwood (55%)
    Republican Primary: incumbent Bill Emmerson (100%)
  • State Assembly District 65
    Democratic Primary: Carl Wood (100%)
    Republican Primary: incumbent Paul Cook (100%)
If you plan to vote in the November 4th Presidential Election (and you aren't yet registered), your registration form must be postmarked by October 20th.

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