Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weekly News Roundup: March 17 Edition

Of course the big thing on my mind this week is the weather - 90 degrees while it's still winter is just crazy. I'd be enjoying the sunshine a lot more if the air weren't so thick . . .

City News

The March 21 Planning Commission meeting has been canceled.
The March 12 City Council meeting agenda & minutes are available online (pdf).

March 15, Yucaipa News Mirror, "Oak Glen/Live Oak interchange costs are going up"

The headline pretty much says it all - the cost for construction has gone up almost a quarter of a million dollars above the estimate (map of interchange). A major part of that cost is the acquisition of land around the interchange through eminent domain proceedings.
Offers were made in October of last year to eight affected property owners. The city has come to an agreement with two of these owners. With respect to the others, however, the city has decided to pursue eminent domain procedures if the property owners do not accept the city's current offers.

Despite potential litigation to secure rights of way, Public Works Director Ray Casey said that he still expects construction on the interchange to begin this June.
It is estimated that the project will take 18-24 months to complete, and, fortunately, they plan to keep the interchange open during construction.

March 15, Yucaipa News Mirror, Yucaipa Planners recommend zoning change

The Yucaipa Planning commission voted to recommend a zoning change for a lot on the northeastern corner of Holmes and County Line (map) from commercial to 7,200 square foot single family residential lots.

March 15, Yucaipa News Mirror, "Wildwood Park renovation plans approved"
The City Council approved a plan to renovate Wildwood Park (map).
A significant part of the first phase will be to redevelop the equestrian staging area in the east part of the park. There will also be some kind of safety crossing to give riders safe access to the north side of Wildwood Canyon Road, including the nearby state park.
March 15, Fontana Herald News, "Soaring gasoline prices cause pain for local residents"

Apparently gas prices in the Fontana-Rancho Cucamonga area are significantly lower than in Los Angeles - or Yucaipa.
But why the difference in gasoline prices within a city, and from city to city? The oil companies set the price by region, said Whiteman. The Fontana and Rancho Cucamonga area, for example, has lower gasoline prices than the Los Angeles region as well as Yucaipa -- by as much as 13 cents lower per gallon in Yucaipa. And delivery distance to the pumps also affects the price, he said.
The lesson seems to be that if you want save money on gas, don't buy it here!

Locals in the News

March 5, Press Release, "San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Deputy Chief Sheree Stewart Named 31st Senate District 2007 Woman of the Year"
March 14, Yucaipa News-Mirror, "Yucaipa deputy chief is Woman of the Year

Yucaipa Deputy Chief Sheree Stewart was named 2007 Woman of the Year for the 31st California Senate District.
Since 1981, Deputy Chief Stewart has risen steadily through the ranks including becoming the first female captain in the department's history as well as the department's first deputy chief.

She was also the chief of police for the city of Highland, which contracts services the Sheriff's Department for six years prior to her promotion to Deputy Chief.

In her current position, she is responsible for Region 1 Operations for the Sheriff's Department and oversees eight patrol stations.
March 16, San Bernardino Sun, "Community gives support to a Yucaipa 'princess'"
(related stories: February 12, OC Register, "Healing With Heart"; March 7, Yucaipa News Mirror, "Auction raises funds for Cheynne")

This is a nice piece about the community support for 6-year-old Cheyenne Broswell, who was diagnosed with brain stem glioma in December.

Although the family has health insurance, the funds will go toward co-payments for doctor's visits and other treatments that are not covered by insurance, Barone said.

"We want to try treatments the insurance won't pay for," Barone said. "There's a clinical trial in Canada."

And in Cheyenne's fight to beat cancer, she is not alone. She has the support of the community behind her.

"We're letting them know that Yucaipa Elementary is behind her and the community is behind her," said Liz Calbreath, a Yucaipa High School teacher. "This is a great community, it's very giving and very generous."

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