Friday, February 16, 2007

Weekly News Roundup: February 17 Edition

Once again, your weekly Yucaipa news summary!

Transit News

February 15, Yucaipa News Mirror, "Yucaipa to receive funding for Live Oak/Oak Glen/I-10 interchange"
The California Transportation Commission approved Yucaipa's request for more than $8 million in additional funds for the Live Oak Canyon - Oak Glen Rd- I-10 Interchange.
The improvements include reconstructing the existing overpass over the freeway as a five lane bridge, widening Live Oak and Oak Glen Roads to match, widening and realigning each of the on/off ramps to the freeway and adding traffic signals at each of the ramps. The signals will all be interconnected with the existing signal at Oak Glen Road and Calimesa Boulevard to ensure a smooth flow of traffic on and off the freeway.
February 15, Yucaipa News Mirror, "Public Works projects finishing/starting"
The Yucaipa Public Works director Ray Casey has reported on the status of several projects:
  • Both the 10th Street Bridge and the 3rd Street culvert bridge are planned to reopen this month.
  • Oak Glen Road widening between Avenue E and Yucaipa Blvd is moving to phase two, with utility relocation scheduled to be completed by March, and paving and sidewalk creation scheduled to be completed by August.
  • A traffic signal will be installed at Wildwood Canyon Road and Fith St. beginning in March.
  • See the City of Yucaipa Public Works Construction Update (pdf) for more information on all current projects.
February 15, Yucaipa New Mirror, "Wildwood Interchange design underway"
CalTrans recently announced that "work has started on a Project Study Report (PSR) to evaluate the construction of a new interchange at the southerly terminus of Wildwood Canyon road and the I-10 Freeway. "

Frebruary 15, Yucaipa News Mirror, "Omnitrans proposes changes that affect Yucaipa"
At least 150 people showed up for the Monday public meeting with Omnitrans at the Scherer Community Center. Apparently the fares collected for the OmniLink service in Yucaipa only cover seven percent of the cost. Omnitrans is proposing to eliminate weekend OmniLink service in Yucaipa, with service continuing to be provided weekdays from 7 AM to 6 PM.
Kuruppa fielded many comments and questions from the audience. One of the most common ones was that the loss of weekend OmniLink service would pose an unacceptable hardship on seniors and disabled residents.

Kuruppa responded that even with the proposed changes, the fares from OmniLink would still provide no more than 12 percent of the actual cost of the service.

“We can't afford to keep providing OmniLink service on Sundays to just 30 customers without significantly raising fares above what we are currently proposing.”
The proposed new fare for seniors and disabled riders would be $1.50 each way.

Locals in the News

February 15, San Bernardino Sun, "Lesson in lovely chocolate"
Yucaipa chef-for-hire Malissa Grinnal gave a tasty "Valentine's Day Chocolate Oblivion" cooking class.
Cooking and food-based television like the Food Network have paved the way for aspiring "foodies" to make their own delectable dishes, Grinnals said.

The women taking the class were looking for something different but elegant to make for their valentines this year.
February 16, San Bernardino Sun, "Educational artwork"
Raynah Woolsey and Nathan Kemmerer, eighth-graders at Canyon Middle School, "received awards last week from a representative of the California Department of Boating and Waterways" for their artwork. Raynah is this year's statewide winner, and Nathan was an 8th grade finalist. Their work is displayed on the Boat Smarter Site for Kids. Check out all of the the winning posters and the work of the 8th grade finalists.

February 16, San Bernardino Sun, "Learning Resources director inspires learning at Crafton Hills"
Damaris Matthews is the director of the Learning Resources Center at Crafton Hills College.
Students can walk to the center with any kinds of questions - about math, English or even science - and they'll find help.
Read the whole profile.

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