Friday, November 10, 2006

Weekly News Roundup: November 10 Edition

All the news that's fit to link!

November 3: Congratulations to new Yucaipa Sheriffs's Department Citizens Patrol members Edward Gallardo, Therma Hutton, Jim Krynicki, James Mills, Douglas Offenstein, Bradford Page and John Simpson. There is also a profile of current volunteer and former Marine combat illustrator Perry Wahe. (San Bernardino Sun, Nov. 3, 2006, "Seven sworn in to Yucaipa citizens patrol" and "Sheriff's department volunteer quick to the draw")

November 5: The war re-enactments on Riley's Farm in Oak Glen are a continuing point of controversey, even between brothers Jim and Dennis Riley. (San Bernardino Sun, Nov. 5, 2006 "The shots heard around Oak Glen")

November 6: Crafton Hills College Associated Student Body President Dennis Partain is a super achiever. He studies music and international business, has a perfect grade point average, started a student newsletter, has received several scholarships, and has served as the college's student trustee. (Press Enterprise, Nov. 6, 2006, "Crafton Hills student on one fast track", also News Mirror, Nov. 9, 2006 "Yucaipan is the CHC AS President" )

November 9: The Sun profiles the Inland Empire Derby Divas, including Yucaipan Sheryl "Mama Gore" Smith, the oldest member of the squad at 48. There are lots of extras with the article, including slide shows, video and roller derby terms and rules. (San Bernardino Sun, Nov. 9, 2006 "Sisters in Skates")

November 9: Live Oak Canyon Farm has been owned and operated by the Palmer family for 23 years. They are currently shifting from selling pumpkins to selling Christmas trees. Read the article to learn more about the farm and the other attractions they offer. (San Bernardino Sun, Nov. 9, 2006 "Pumpking[sic] patch transforms into forest of Christmas trees.

November 9: Jim Hoover of Hoover Ranch has been granted a continuance to "revisit and perhaps revise his application for a new development agreement" by the Yucaipa Planning Commission. "Under the new agreement proposal, Hoover would build some new chicken houses and convert some of the existing ones to contain cage free chickens. He proposed to accomplish this in stages over a 10-year period." The Commission generally agreed, but preferred a 5-year, rather than 10-year time frame. (News Mirror, Nov. 9, 2006 "Planners grant Hoover Ranch application a continuance")

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