Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Can You Say Gerrymander?

Looking at the election results, I couldn't help but notice the bizarre shape of the 63rd State Assembly District. Just take a look (pdf):
California Voter Foundation Map of 63rd Assembly DistrictA bit of Upland, skirting along the foothills, Grand Terrace, Moreno Valley, Redlands and just a nip of Yucaipa. It looks like a district only a politician could love. If you look more closely at the Yucaipa portion of the 63rd district, the ridiculousness of the boundaries are even clearer:
(click for larger version)

Apparently the newer areas of Yucaipa, such as Chapman Heights, have been grouped with Redlands and Grand Terrace in the 63rd District, and the older areas are grouped with Yucca Valley, and 29 Palms in the 65th District. Can you say gerrymander?

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