Sunday, November 05, 2006

November Election: 41st District House of Representatives

On Tuesday, our representative in Congress, Jerry Lewis, is up for re-election. He holds the powerful position of chair of the House Appropriations Committee. However, he has recently come under fire for his close ties to lobbyists and distribution of "earmark" funds. Unfortunately, his opponent, Louie Contreras, looks like a no-show in this campaign, so there isn't any real race to speak of.

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  • Jerry Lewis entry on Congresspedia
  • San Bernardino Sun article "Lewis Rival a Man With No Name"
    Louie Contreras wants to be a giant slayer.

    The Hesperia unknown is taking on Rep. Jerry Lewis, the Republican powerhouse from Redlands whose chairmanship of the House Appropriations Committee makes him one of the most influential lawmakers in Washington.

    Despite the enormity of unseating a popular congressman, Contreras until recently didn't have a working phone line to his campaign. He has promoted himself in the quietest, least noticeable of ways.
    Whether Jerry Lewis bought off Contreras or not-- and Contreras assured me he did not-- it doesn't look like Lewis has anything to worry about from Louie or the Democrats.
  • PBS show NOW on Lawmakers or Lawbreakers?
    Of all the candidates facing ethical questions in the upcoming election, Rep. Jerry Lewis appears to be one of the least concerned about his fate.

    Lewis, who is chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, and overseas nearly a trillion dollars in federal spending, is running for reelection this fall against Democratic challenger Louie Contreras. Lewis appears confident that he will keep his seat even though he is under investigation by federal prosecutors.
  • Press-Enterprise article: Lewis pays $750,000 for legal costs of probe
    Inland Rep. Jerry Lewis has paid $750,000 to a prominent Los Angeles-based law firm to handle aspects of an ongoing federal investigation into his relationship with an embattled Washington lobbying firm, newly released campaign finance records show.
  • The Press-Enterprise Housewatch site has lots more on Jerry Lewis and his tangled relationships with lobbyists, PACs and more.
  • gives Jerry Lewis a power ranking of #4 in the House and #4 in the Republican Party
  • The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America give Jerry Lewis a "C" grade
  • The Disabled American Veterans summarizes Lewis' votes on legislation they endorse
  • The ACLU gives Lewis' a 11% rating
  • The Family Research Council Vote Scorecard gives Lewis a score of 71%
Press-Enterprise: Jerry Lewis
San Bernardino Sun: None for this seat!

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