Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yucaipa Nursery Helps Police Nab Palm Thief

Newell Nurseries* helped police arrest a man who allegedly stole more than $1000 worth of potted sago palms. I didn't know that sago palms were valuable or that nurseries might buy them from individuals. Apparently the plants grow very very slowly, making them worth as much as $30 per trunk inch. Kudos to the Newell Nursery employees who helped police with the case.

Just as an aside, it's very nice to live in a town where a crime wave consists of someone stealing potted plants, rather than, say, muggings.

[Information from: The Press-Enterprise, October 9, Nursery helps crack sago palm case".]

* I'd also like to add that I had a great experience shopping at Newell Nurseries. There is an excellent selection of plants, and the staff was very helpful. If you live in the Yucaipa area, be sure to check out their lovely rose gallery.

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