Friday, September 29, 2006

Planning Commission Creates New Neighborhoods

For reasons that are entirely unclear, on September 20th the Yucaipa Planning Commission has reorganized the four Yucaipa districts into three neighborhoods.

Neighborhood #1 is the same as the previous District 1, which is on the north side of I-10.

Neighborhood #2 is the same as the previous District 2, which is on the south side of the freeway, west of Live Oak Canyon Road.

Neighborhood #3 is made up of the previous Districts 3 and 4, from I-10 south to the San Bernardino-Riverside county line and west from Live Oak Canyon Road to County Line Road.

I couldn't find any additional information on the September 20th agenda (pdf), but I admittedly only scanned the 139 page document. Presumably this has something to do with the Yucaipa General Plan. The next meeting is on October 18th.

(Source: Yucaipa News Mirror, September 28, 2006, p.6)

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