Thursday, October 02, 2008

Yucaipa Music & Nightlife: October 3-9

It's the first week of October and the rumor is that the weather is going to cool off over the weekend. I'm hoping that turns out to be true, because I'm tired of the hot weather. I'm also feeling like I should be hitting up WallyWorld for Halloween decorations. In my neighborhood the skeletons, fake gravestones and giant spiders far outnumber the political signs. I need at least a pumpkin just to fit in. Fortunately, there are pumpkins galore, both up in Oak Glen (I know Riley's Farm has them) and at the Live Oak Canyon pumpkin patch. I may be checking them out this weekend.

(Also, don't forget that Friday evening is the Past Pleasures Car Club Classic Car Cruise in the Ross/Vons center parking lot.)

Note: all entries subject to change. Call to confirm the bands and cover price.

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This Week in Local Theater :
Friday, October 3
Saturday, October 4
Sunday, October 5
  • all quiet on the entertainment front
Monday, October 6
  • nope, nada
Tuesday, October 7
  • Angel's Roadhouse: karaoke
Wednesday, October 8
  • Bailey's: karaoke
Thursday, October 9
Where to find Yucaipa music and nightlife this week (MAP)
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