Sunday, December 10, 2006

There arose such a clamor . . .

Last night, about 8pm or so, my husband and I were pulling into our garage. As we stepped out of the car, we heard nearby sirens - lots of them. Of course the first thing we thought of was "FIRE!". And, sure enough, a fire engine, sirens blaring, pulled out of a side street onto the nearby major thoroughfare. Then there was another, and another . . . and we finally realized that if there really was a fire, the fire engines would be pulling into the side street, not out of it.

As we stood and watched, it all became clear: this was a parade! We waved to the people who were riding in the open-bed truck, then went inside, our hearts beating just a little faster.

ETA: The parade was "Operation Santa Claus", a combined effort of the Yucaipa Police Department and Yucaipa Fire Department. They spread holiday cheer and candy over 25 miles of local streets on Saturday.


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