Friday, October 20, 2006

Weekly News Roundup: October 20th edition

Articles about Yucaipa and Yucaipans from the past week:

October 11, 13: Apple season in Oak Glen. (San Bernardino Sun "Apple of the I.E.'s Eye", "Autumn has arrived, Oak Glen offers apple picking")

October 13: Living history of colonial and civil war-era America at Riley's farm in Oak Glen (San Bernardino Sun "History comes alive at Oak Glen")

October 12: Yucaipa City Council a rough draft of the I-10 Corridor Specific Plan during its October 9th meeting."The bottom line appears to be that a majority of the Yucaipa City Council remain resolute with respect to development on the north side of the freeway beyond what is already laid out in the current “preferred alternative.”" (News Mirror "Yucaipa reviews the new draft Freeway Corridor Specific Plan")

October 15: Profile of 64-year-old Yucaipa marathoner Jeannette Roostai (Press-Enterprise "Not Running Out of Time")

October 16: Yucaipa public school teachers begin a two week slowdown, in protest over the 9 months impasse in contract negotiations. They'll be working only 8 hour days, and not supervising extracuricular activities or grading papers at home. (San Bernardino Sun "Teachers Stage Slowdown")

October 18: "Three Yucaipa High students blasted the school board Tuesday night for a slowdown that has seen teachers decline to participate in extracurricular activities such as homework help or club supervision." (Press-Enterprise "Education quality suffering, students tell Yucaipa board")

October 19: "The Yucaipa City Council unanimously approved, at its Oct. 9 meeting, Resolution No. 2006-37, which increases by roughly 20 percent the development impact fees (DIF) the city charges developers of residential, commercial and industrial property." (News Mirror "Council approves higher development impact fees")

October 19: "The Yucaipa City Council certified Oct. 9 that two developers are meeting the terms of their respective development agreements. The council certified that both Yucaipa Valley Acres, Ltd. and Chapman Heights, LP have complied in good faith with the terms and conditions of their development agreements with the city.
A third development agreement, however, this one with Hoover Trust, the Triple H Partnership, which owns Hoover Ranch, an egg ranch on the North Bench, became null and void on Oct. 11, two days after the council last met." Hoover Ranch has submitted a new proposal to change older chicken coops to cage free areas. (News Mirror "Hoover Ranch submits new development plan proposal")

October 19: Animal Control began canvassing neighborhoods door-to-door to check dog licenses. You can get a license at Yucaipa City Hall. (New Mirror "Dog licensing canvassing in Yucaipa is back")

October 20: Renee Vicary, owner of Angel's Roadhouse, wants to "use her bar to raise the bar for Yucaipa businesses". (San Bernardino Sun "Patrons at home with Roadhouse activities")

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